SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association)


The TSM Agency Las Vegas can help assist you with hiring intelligent, beautiful, professional booth models, product demonstrator staff, and promotional girls.


SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is one of the popular automotive trade shows in Las Vegas. It brings together many different retailers, merchandisers, distributors, and other interested buyers to the trade show. Many different types of auto industries come together across the globe for this huge event with the SEMA models. The SEMA show in Las Vegas occurs annually. SEMA exhibit is one of the top events in the auto market industry.


Oct. 31- Nov 4 2017 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

# Exhibitors: 2,400
# Attendees: 157,962



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Are You Looking to Hire Promo and Booth Models for SEMA?

We have models for hire.

The TSM Agency has been conducting business with staffing the SEMA tradeshow for years. SEMA has thousands of people from many different countries attending this event. There are many local Las Vegas models and booth models who can staff your booth. The SEMA models are beautiful and are knowledgeable about the technology that is at the trade show. They beautiful and knowledgeable models can attract more people to your merchandise. It can help you gain more recognition and allows you to talk with more attendees. The professional staff can answer any concerns or questions that people may have. Promo girls can collect contact numbers and information from interested individuals and business professionals. Our models are located locally in Las Vegas for added convenience. When you hire local models, you save money and time that can be focused on your booth. There is no need for airfare, hotel rooms, and other transportation expenses when you staff with local promo models.

Hire Professional Models for SEMA in Las Vegas

When you hire models to work your booth, they will help you interact with people. It will allow you to give your full attention to potential customers and increase growth to your business. You will not have to worry about missing out on an amazing lead because our car show girls are there to help you. The Las Vegas staff models are friendly and love to strike up conversations with interested prospects. The models can help you with other chores that you need while running your booth. These beautiful promo models can increase your traffic to your booth and your product.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered one of the top trade show cities in the country. There are many tourists who come to the bright light city to enjoy all the events it offers. The city of Las Vegas has casinos that are open all night, and colorful attractions to see. Las Vegas is big enough to house the large trade shows in the country. The trade shows that are held in the big city have a lot of merchandise to offer professional retailers, business, and merchandisers. The public enjoys coming to find items to purchase as well. If you decide to come to the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, there is plenty of entertainment to enjoy long after the show has come to an end.

Las Vegas Opportunities for Promo Models

Are you a female who is wanting to be a part of the promotional and trade show model industry? Do you think that you have the skills and qualities to complete the job? Our Las Vegas roster is open to hiring more models in the area. These models can be booth babes, promotional models, auto show models, and trade show, models. They girlscan converse with a lot of people at once and attract new customers to the booth. They are knowledgeable in the product that they are promoting and have an energetic personality. If you want to apply for Las Vegas promotional model, then fill out the form. Contact us immediately to see if you’re a good match for the industry.

Become a Model

SEMA Staff Rates for Models

You can hire a professional model to add staff to your product, booth, and brand. When you hire a local model, you are saving money and do not have any extra spending for hotels, meals, and flights. Having the right model to help promote your product can achieve a large gain for your company. The models are informative about your product and take the position seriously. The enjoy talking with people and sharing the knowledge of your brand to them. We also have models who can translate for you to people in many countries. Some of the models that we have are bilingual and can easily communicate with more people to increase your sales. The SEMA show brings in many professional and business owners to the convention.

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