The TSM Agency Las Vegas can offer you a sta­ff of energetic, friendly, beautiful and experienced trade show models, product demo staff, and promo girls.

PPAI Expo Las Vegas

PPAI Expo (Promotional Products Association International) is a top rated promotional products trade show that brings an abundance of merchandise retailers, distributors, and investors together in one buying location. The event attracts a large group of attendees from many areas of the globe. This show is represented one time each year in the city of Las Vegas.PPAI Expo is considered one of the best promotional sales and buying trade show experiences. You will not want to miss this huge event that will attract distributors, purchasers, wholesale, and professional retailers.


JANUARY 14-18, 2018
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada 88901

# Exhibitors: 1,324
# Attendees: 11,762



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Are You looking to hire for trade show models for PPAI Expo?

The accounting administrations of the TSM Agency have been assisting the PPAI Expo for several years. There are thousands of people who are coming from over 85 different countries to attend the event. You do not want to lose out on promising leads because you did not have a professional model to visit your booth. There are hundreds of knowledgeable, classy, beautiful, and enthusiastic promo models located in Las Vegas for the huge event. The models will write down the contact information and will provide valuable education for any concerns that people may have.

Models for hire will attract a larger number of individuals to your booth by striking up a conversation about the brand. The professional staff models will promote the merchandise and help add clients to your pipeline. The models can become an asset and be resourceful to the staff. The models are highly qualified and informative to attract the attention of the crowd and bring them to your exhibit. Our trade show models reside locally and can help you from overspending on unnecessary bills. There is no need to spend extra on travel and transportation. No additional money needs to be paid when you hire a Las Vegas trade show model.

Looking to Hire Promo Models for PPAI Expo in Las Vegas

When you hire a professional promo girls or booth babes, you will have more time to focus on the attendee’s attention These models are trained and skilled to monitor the trade show booth. The model will manage clients and customers while answering questions or concerns from the attendees. You will not have to worry about missing a lead because the model will be there to keep up the conversation with everyone who is interested in your brand. These promotional models will converse with everyone who walks by the exhibit. Spokesmodels can write down contacts for prospective client lists. These contacts may be potential customers and attract people to the product booth. Our tradeshow models are knowledgeable about the brand and can they can interact with significant numbers of individuals in one place.

About Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is one of the favorite locations for trade shows in the United States. The city is filled with beautiful lights and vast areas to house big events because of the mass number of visitors that frequent the state of Nevada. This location is busy with tourists and visitors coming to explore the entertainment. There is many interesting places and fun events to enjoy when you visit Las Vegas. The big city is equipped with being able to house significant areas of attendees and exhibit excellent trade shows. If you are thinking about coming to town and see the PPAI Expo, then you can take part in the fun activities in the city. There is a broad range of place to see and casinos to explore after the show is done.

Las Vegas Promo Modeling Opportunities

Do you want to have an opportunity to become a Las Vegas model or brand ambassador? TSM Agency is hiring Las Vegas promotional models for PPAI Expo. We want to increase our talent list of Las Vegas trade show models, trade show staff, promo models, and demo girls. Our professional models are smart and energetic. They enjoy conversing about products or items in a busy environment. If you have what it takes to promote things in an energetic, polite, and courteous personality then fills in an application to become a promo model. Get in touch with us today to determine if this is the job for you.

Become a Model

PPAI Expo Model Staff Rates

Hire a Las Vegas trade show models for an affordable and cost-efficient way to maintain your booth. When you considered the savings on transportation food, room and lost work productivity of staff, who are not interested in attending and helping for a tradeshow if it weren’t for the free trip to visit the city of Las Vegas. With thousands of attendees and an average buyer usually spend over $80,000 at each event, the extra booth staff will make a difference. Don’t forget that we have models who can offer translator assistance and bilingual models as PPAI Expo brings in many businesses, professional wholesalers, distributors, who come from a variety of locations around the globe.

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