ASCO Annual Meeting


The TSM Agency Chicago can assist you with hiring a friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic trade show model, demo girl, or promo model to look after your booth.

ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago

ASCO Annual Meeting (American Society of Clinical Oncology) is the most informative and up to date cancer prevention events that bring a variety of health professionals, scientists. The event will bring a bunch of people from all parts of the world. This show is held one a year in Chicago. ASCO is considered the most educational oncology event in the country. There will be many professionals, researchers, academic professionals, and other health and science related industries.

ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago

June 2-6 2017 McCormick Place Chicago, Illinois

# Exhibitors: 446
# Attendees: 31,900



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Are You Needing to Hire a Professional Trade Models for ASCO Annual Meeting?

We have professional models for hire! The TSM Agency has hundreds of models available for the ASCO Annual Meeting. There are thousands of people who travel to the show and come from approximately 81 countries across the globe. You do not need to miss out on potential clients when you can have a model promote your product and manage your booth. As an experienced promotional modeling agency, we train our models to interact with attendees and keep track of potential customers that are interested in your brand. The models will attract new attendees to your booth and help to increase traffic for your products.


Promotional models can be a significant asset to your exhibit when you are working for the crowd. The models are highly skilled and educated to run your trade show booth smoothly without any complications. The models are located locally in the city of Chicago. The models can save you a lot of money and time. There is no need for extra finances to be spent when the models live close to the show.

Looking to Hire Promo Models for ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago

When you hire a professional model, you will be able to focus more on the attention of the crowd. The professional models are trained and skilled to watch and manage your booth. The model will interact with clients and customers while answering questions from many attendees. You will not have to worry not reaching all the attendees because the model will be there to keep up the conversation with everyone who is interested in your product These promotional models will mingle with everyone who walks by the booth. They will keep tract of contact addresses from people and attract individuals to your exhibit. Our promo models are energetic and knowledgeable about the product that you are promoting. The model will work on bringing new clients to your brand.

About Chicago

The city of Chicago is a good place to hold a trade show. The city has many wonderful events to enjoy. The location is large enough to hold a big crowd that is promoting a variety of products. There are many close attractions to the trade show. People who come to Chicago are often tourists and visitors who want to enjoy the exhibits that the city holds. The location is big enough to house the different sizes of items that distributors, sellers, and professional may need. The city has a lot of activities that can be explored once the trade show has come to an end. You will have a lot of sights to see once you are done with the oncology event.

Chicago Promo Modeling Opportunities

Are you interested in joining the TSM Agency and want to become a Chicago model? Are you sure you have the qualities that are needed to fulfill this position? The TSM Agency in Chicago is hiring models for the ASCO Annual Meeting. We are going to expand the modeling talent roster for our Chicago trade show staff, booth models, promo girls, and professional models. Our experienced brand ambassadors are enthusiastic, friendly, beautiful, and witty. They can discuss relevant information to attendees about the product that they are promoting. If you think you can handle working with a large crowd, then fill out the modeling application and contact the company today.

Become a Model

ASCO Annual Meeting Model Staff Rates

Hire a Chicago trade show models for a low-cost benefit. Our promo girls can ensure your exhibit is taken care of and attendees are acknowledged. The spokesmodels are locally from Chicago, and there is no need to pay out of pocket for the added hotel and transportation expenses. The tradeshows often have thousands of attendees who spend thousands of dollars each event. Being able to have extra booth support will help increase your potential clients and product sales. We even have models who can speak more than one language. Bilingual models are perfect for those who have communication barriers and would like to expand their clientele.

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