Solar Power International


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Solar Power International Las Vegas

Solar Power International, often referred to as SPI, is an annual business-to-business event for solar energy professionals and enthusiasts. Each year that this dynamic event is held, it grows and expands in size. In fact, it has not only been ranked in the top 100 largest trade shows, but it has also made the top 25 list of the fastest growing trade shows in North America, and is the most major energy storage exhibition. It is a privilege to be a part of this event as you share your solar power ideas and products with others.

Solar Power International Las Vegas

September 12-15, 2016
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

# Exhibitors: 650
# Attendees: 18,100



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In Need of Promo Models & Booth Staff for Solar Power International? We have models for hire!

The skillful account execs at the TSM Agency Las Vegas have been the go-to promo model agency for the Solar Power International event for years. With this spectacular event expanding every year, there is no telling how many prospective clients and business relationships you can cultivate from this annual event. Las Vegas, Nevada models can help you get your unique ideas and innovative products into the hands of every individual that walks by. Whether you need a helping hand, a full booth staff, or just prefer to hire local professional promo models, we have an experienced booth staff ready for you.

Hire Professional Trade Show Models for Solar Power International in Las Vegas

Reap the rewards of hiring a professional booth staff. Our brand ambassadors and spokesmodels will immerse themselves in everything solar power for your big event. Use this opportunity to have our beautiful and highly skilled trade show models or explain your innovative products. Our trade show models are eager to carry on animated conversations about your products and ideas. Invest in the best representation of your solar energy business with experienced local promo models. You will be impressed with how successful the outcome of our booth is.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular destination that is well-known around the world for the spectacular conventions, trade shows, and exhibitions that this city hosts. The bright lights, entertainment possibilities, and the thrill of possibly striking it rich are only part of the allure of Las Vegas. There truly is something for everyone, day and night, in this lively city. The casinos are always open, the clubs are open late, and there is a steady stream of entertainment during all hours of the day or night. If you come to Las Vegas for the Solar Power International, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

Promo Modeling Opportunities on Las Vegas

Do you think you have what it takes to become a promo model for the TSM Agency? We are a premier promotional modeling agency in the USA and Canada. If you are energetic, outgoing, and enthusiastic, then we have an opportunity open for you. We are currently hiring experienced professional promotion models, spokesmodels, brand ambassadors, and booth staff in the Las Vegas area. If meeting new people and speaking to them about innovative products and ideas sounds like a fun and exciting opportunity for you, fill out a model profile today!

Become a Model

Solar Power Installation Model Staff Rates

The cost of hiring local experienced promo models is minimal compared to bringing your staff. You may think that bringing your staff with you is the best way to go. Well, if you choose that route you will be dealing with employees that possess a knowledge of the product you are promoting, but not the experience it takes to successfully develop the product. The TSM Agency has hundreds of experienced promo models that can successfully promote your product and network for you. Also, the cost of transporting your staff will include the cost of the flight, hotel room, meals, and more. And don’t forget about the additional services we offer that can connect you with anyone from around the world. These include translation services and bilingual promo models.

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