The TSM Agency LAS VEGAS can assist you with professional, friendly, and beautiful trade show booth models and assistants, promotional models, and product demo staff.

RECON Las Vegas

Recon (Real Estate Convention) Las Vegas models one of the largest retail and commercial goods and distribution services around the globe. The Recon is a B2B trading industry that brings consumers and the public together for a remarkable distribution trade show. People can come to one place and enjoy the brands and products available to purchase in one accessible location. The Recon show brings in people from around the world to browse and shop the products in the show. The Recon show is set up once a year in the great city of Las Vegas. The Recon trade show is a huge event that is a great place for wholesale distributors, buyers, sellers, business professionals and the public.

Recon Las Vegas

May 21-24, 2017 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada 88901

# Exhibitors: 1,171
# Attendees: 21,075



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Are You Looking to Hire Professional Booth and Staff Models for Recon?

We have professional models available for hire! The Professional Account Executives of The TSM Agency has been providing staff for Recon event for many years. There are thousands of buyers from over 85 countries of people attending the show. You do not want to miss the opportunity to have a professional staff to manage your booth. There are over a hundred of beautiful and professional models available to promote your products to eager buying customers. The TSM Agency and assist you with the help you need to work your booth at this huge trade show event. Our professional trade show models of Las Vegas are a great asset to your business and staff. These intelligent models can attract more people to your booth, give feedback to questions, provide knowledgeable information about your products, and compile contact information for future clients. Our Las Vegas models are local and can save you money on transportation costs, save time, and provide beneficial support for your staff.

Hire Professional Models for Your Booth at Recon in Las Vegas

Being able to hire a professional staff of booth models can help give you the time to interact with the attendees. Our promo models will maintain the booth and make sure that everything is running perfectly and all the unexpected questions are answered. When you hire a professional booth model, you won’t miss any client opportunities because your booth will be managed always. Hiring a model will increase your client growth, and give you the time to mingle among the most important clients attending the show. Our models are educated and trained to communicate with all of the attendees to provide a higher gain of business for your products.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the country. People come from all over the world to enjoy the attractions that only Las Vegas can provide. The city is a town that never sleeps. It has an abundance of attractions, bright lights, casinos, and amazing sights to take advantage of. This is one of the many reasons that this city is the best place for the largest trade shows to be held. If you are coming to Las Vegas for an amazing trade exhibit show like Recon, you will enjoy all of the interesting attractions once the trade show is over. You will have an abundance of fun in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Promotional Modeling Opportunities

Do you have what it takes to be a promo model or professional booth girl? TSM Agency is wanting to hire promotional and trade show models for Recon in Las Vegas. We are a company who is increasing our roster of professional and outgoing models. We are looking to hire females who are a good fit for promo girls, booth, tradeshow, and promotional models. Spokesmodels can work in an intense energy filled location and have the ability to talk with a large number of people. A model will be promoting brands, products, and items for the client with an enthusiastic personality. If this is you, then fill out the form and get in contact with us immediately.

Become a Model

Recon Model Staff Rates

If you’re looking for a cost-effective opportunity to staff your booth, hire a Las Vegas brand ambassador. There is no need to spend a lot of money on airfare, expensive, and out of town costs when you can hire a professional who resides locally in Las Vegas. When you hire a trade show model for Recon, you will have a qualified team member who is professional, friendly, and who can help manage your booth. We also have models who are skilled in different languages which are a perfect option when communicating with people of different countries.

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