International Home + Housewares Show


The TSM Agency Chicago can help to promote, demonstrate and handle your products with professional, energetic, knowledgeable, beautiful, and experienced trade show models.


International Home + Housewares Show is one of the top home merchandise trade shows in the industry. It has a variety of products for all your houseware needs. It is a B2B marketplace that brings an abundance of retail to the event. The show attracts businesses, companies, independent buyers, and the public to the abundance of merchandise it has to offer. The show is conducted once a year in Chicago. The International Home + Housewares Show is a huge wholesale buying event in the industry. Many of the popular retailers, wholesalers, and distributors attend this show and it is not something you want to miss out on.

International Home + Housewares Show Chicago

March 18-21 2017 McCormick Place Chicago Illinois 60616

# Exhibitors: 2,242
# Attendees: 40,000



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Do You Need to Hire Promotional Booth Models for International Home + Housewares Show?

We have booth and promo models to hire!

The TSM Agency executives have been providing professional staff for International Home + Housewares Show for many years. Being able to provide suitable staff for your booth is crucial because there are thousands of attending buyers from over 80 countries around the world. There are hundreds of professional and beautiful booth models available in Chicago to help promote your products. The TSM Agency is here to help you and can provide models to work your booth at the tradeshow. Our knowledgeable Chicago trade show models are a great asset to your team of staff at the trade show event. The models can provide informative answers to any questions about your product and brand. They can attract people to your booth and help increase traffic for your business. The models are courteous, friendly, and can assist in gathering contact information from potential customers and clients that will help build your company. A model can reduce cost, save time, and provide a full range of services to your booth and at the International Home + Housewares Show.

Hire Professional Promotional Models for International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago

Hiring a professional Chicago promo model can help drive traffic to your booth. It will give you more time to talk with the attendees and achieve a better outcome for your product. The model can provide an adequate conversation with many of the attendees to help promote your brand and engage attendees about your product. It will save you time and allow you to have more help in achieving your tradeshow goal. The models are knowledgeable in staffing a booth and handling any issues or tasks that you need help with. They can keep people informed about your services and provide information to them for you. A professional model is a great choice to added to your team of staffers who will provide substantial benefits to your brand, booth, and product.

About Chicago

Chicago is one of the fascinating cities in the country. It is a city with a lot of potential and tourism in the country. The city has many historical sites that people come to see and has many fascinating museums to enjoy. The city is one of the most popular places to hold a trade show event because of the vast exhibits it offer. Many people come to the city each year to experience not only the trade shows but the amazing structures that Chicago provides. If you’re wanting to attend the International Home + Housewares Show, you will find many exciting places to enjoy even after the trade show has ended.

Chicago Promotional Modeling Opportunities

Are you wanting to become a professional model? Do you think you have all of the qualities that are needed to fulfill this position? As a Chicago trade show modeling agency, the TSM Agency is looking to hire Chicago trade show and promotional models for the International Home + Housewares Show. Our company is increasing the roster for promo girls, booth models, brand ambassadors and  Our models are required to talk with a variety of people about products in a high range environment. They need to be outspoken, outgoing, and able to keep up in this fast-paced industry. If you think you have these qualifications, then fill out a modeling form. Contact us immediately to see if you would be a good fit in the industry.

Become a Model

International Home + Housewares Show Model Staff Rates

When you hire a Chicago booth model, you’re saving money. These models are local and are equipped with the skills that you need to run a professional trade show booth. There is no added cost for hotels, transportation, food, accommodations, or airfare. The models are eager to provide the best staffing experience to your booth and product. We also offer a range of models who are fluent in other languages. This quality is highly needed due to the overwhelming attendees from different countries. We have promotional models who can translate and communicate effectively to ensure you don’t miss out on a potential purchase or deal.

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